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Because water, food, and shelter are not enough.

True self-sufficiency requires you to have easy access complete knowledge and information if you want to remain safe, healthy and comfortable for as long as necessary.

Because there’s not enough time to learn everything now.

You can’t prepare for it all. Knowledge Preserve gives you the ability to accumulate and tap deep reservoirs of knowledge, so you can develop new skills and overcome new problems and challenges as they arise.

Because access to the internet or any website is not guaranteed.

The websites you rely on may get hacked. Information you need may get pulled or banned. You may be without internet access for hours, days or longer. Knowledge Preserve stores the information you need for anytime offline access

Because physical books are heavy, impractical and expensive.

Digital information is cheap or free, and portable hard light weight and practical. Sure they require a computer and power to access, which should already be part of your self-reliance strategy.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

And you may not know everything you’ll need to know. Knowledge Preserve gives you access to the “Self-Reliance Insiders” private community, where you can discover what you need to know from like-minded seekers of self-reliance.

Easy to Use with a Browser Plugin

Save sites as you go, with a one-click browser plugin.

Downloads a Small or Massive Library of the Information You Want

Capture entire websites, parts of sites, linked websites, or individual pages, articles or documents.

File Type Control

Include or exclude images, videos, zip files, multimedia and/or specific file types.

Fast Categorize and Search

The internal indexing engine and website tags and assigns keywords to organize, sort and retrieve.

Machine Learning AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Knowledge Preserve gets better at categorizing you information as you use it.


Optionally updates your library at intervals you select.

Total Privacy:

Only you have access to the information you download.

And much, much more...

How Does Knowledge Preserve Stack Up?

Build your own off-line library with everything you may need, including:

Do It Yourself
Water Storage
Home Safety
Planting Guides
Field Manuals
Sacure Storage
Repair Manuals
Self Defense
Water Filtration
Medical Guides

… Or anything you can think of!

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